Bookkeeping & Accounting the way it should be

Enabling double-entry transactions streaming as the new paradigm for data flow

How Accountants & Bookkeepers handle data flow:
A hidden chaos

Most businesses are facing an explosion of new applications and spend a lot of their resources on processing and connecting dozens of systems and repositories, ending up with a chaos hidden from clients, strongly affecting their ability to provide a good service.

Double-Entry Bookkeeping as the backbone:
The rescue

Bkper provides a double entry transactions streaming platform on Google Cloud, so you can connect any data source or destination to the backbone, getting real time balance sheets and shared financial statements. Bkper's main App and Add-ons are built on top of our own platform.

Simplified Integrations

Record transactions through single line of texts, avoiding data mapping between systems, making integrations simple and reliable.

Recording Concepts

Powerful Search Engine

Use our powerful query language to bring the right information at the right time, getting results in few milliseconds, no matter the size of your books.

Search Guide

Powered by Bots

Leverage our Bots to help you on the hard bookkeeping work, or build your own custom Bots for connections with legacy systems, tax calculations, conversions or any repeating job you have to do.

Meet the Bookbot